Hey everybody.  This is my first real instructable.  I'm entering it on the Make it Real Challenge so if you like it, vote vote vote!  All of the machines used in this Instructable should only be used with proper training, knowledgable supervision, and extreme caution.  Know what you're doing.  I'm not responsible for anything you do to yourself while completing this Instructable.

I am a high school student, and for my Computer Integrated Manufacturing class (CIM), our project for this month is making a clock.  We have to design and build a clock of our own design that fits a pre-made clockwork.  The main body of the clock has to fit on an 8"x8"x.5" (rough) piece of aluminum, and we can use the plasma cutter as well as the mill. This Instructable is designed to be a rough guide not only on how to make a clock, but on how to set up and use several machines as well as showing several design and shop techniques to help you along the way.  Hope you enjoy!!! I know I did!!!

Step 1: Materials

8"x8"x.5" piece of aluminum stock
Sheet of .125 plate steel for use on a plasma cutter
Inventor student (or whatever CAD program you prefer)

3-Axis CNC Mill with a .5" end mill, a .25" end mill, and a .1" end mill
Plasma laser cutter
Sandblaster (Optional)
<p>i love it!</p>
Wow!!! This is the greatest clock I have ever seen!!!! Amazing work!!! Thanks for sharing!!! <br>
Wonderful achievement and I have to say it's great to see such quality, and design, from a young and aspiring engineer. Looking forward to seeing many more!!!!
Very well done!
Awesome project! Great documentation. What did you use to take all the pictures?
I took screenshots for the designing stages on the computer and for the actual photographs I used my iPod touch
This looks like something I could go out and buy in a store! VERY VERY well done! I love the craftsmanship and what a great instructable! Nice work!
Thanks! That means a lot <br>

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