Step 13: Cutting pt. 3: The Body

Once your part is done, remove it from the vise.  Flip the stock over and clamp it back in the stock so that the front is showing.  MAKE SURE to re-zero the stock and make it so that the program matches the way the back pocket is pointing.  So if your back pocket is pointing up, make sure your part will cut in the same direction.  Now take the G-code from the front of your part and put it on the machine.  Start cutting.  When I cut my part, the depth was wrong for the contour around the edge, so we left the stock in and changed the depth of the contour to get the part completely cut out.  However, we stopped the part before it got cut out completely so that the stock would not bend when the part fell through.  If we let it fall through, the part could have bent downward, a) causing the tool to be moved and possibly break and b) damaging the part.  So we kept the part in the stock held on by a tab.  Simply break the part out of the stock and file around it.