Step 7: Designing Pt. 5: Body Aspects

Now we're going to work on the details of the body.  These will be simple pockets and contours on the face of the owl.  We're going to start out by making the wings look partially separated from the body.  Just make another arc inside off of the wing so there is a gap between the body and the wing. Offset the arc into the wing so that you have two arcs with a .125" space between them because the smallest tool that will be used on the mill will be a .1" tool. There should always be a tolerance from the tool and the material.  Extrude the gap between the spaces so that it cuts into the material .25"
<p>i love it!</p>
Wow!!! This is the greatest clock I have ever seen!!!! Amazing work!!! Thanks for sharing!!! <br>
Wonderful achievement and I have to say it's great to see such quality, and design, from a young and aspiring engineer. Looking forward to seeing many more!!!!
Very well done!
Awesome project! Great documentation. What did you use to take all the pictures?
I took screenshots for the designing stages on the computer and for the actual photographs I used my iPod touch
This looks like something I could go out and buy in a store! VERY VERY well done! I love the craftsmanship and what a great instructable! Nice work!
Thanks! That means a lot <br>

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