Halloween 2009. The woman that I work for wanted to be an Owl for Halloween this year.  I started by crafting the mask in paper mache & then covering it in feathers.  The beak is made from Sculpey.  The dress was one that she had & I added Strips of feathers with Velvet ribbon around the sleeves & the lower part of the dress.  I also made 3 feather ruffles to be work around her neck.  Finally I embellished her boots with more feathers.  It took about 20 hours to do the whole thing.
Doesn't really resemble an owl, maybe more felt in the face to give it more definition but it is a beautiful interpretation
Also, owl's most striking feature is arguably their eyes, which this costume does not showcase.
hey nice idea!<br />
Wow!&nbsp; Beautiful costume, I love it. <br />
Thank you for the nice words.&nbsp; You've made my day!<br /> <br />
Thanks!!<br /> <br />

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