Introduction: Owl Cupcakes

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I needed to bring a treat for the school bake sale, and came across an adorable picture of owl cupcakes in a Family Circle magazine. I had to make them. They're lots of fun to make, and, I'm sure, to eat!

Step 1: Ingredients

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-Chocolate Cupcakes (about 24)
-(2) Family size double stuff Oreos
-Dark chocolate frosting

Step 2: Frost the Cupcakes

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You need to use enough that the toppings will stick.

Step 3: Make Eyes

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You cut apart an Oreo, leaving all the filling on one side. Take the side with the filling, and push in an M&M. (Brown, green, or blue.) It's hard not to break the filling, so be careful.

Step 4: Make Eyebrows

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Take the side of the Oreo without the stuffing and cut it in half.

Step 5: Put on the Face

Picture of Put on the Face

Put on the eyes, smush on the (orange M&M) beak, and stick on the eyebrows.

Step 6: Eat and Enjoy!

Picture of Eat and Enjoy!

I hope you love the owl cupcakes. I certainly will!


3sqr9 made it! (author)2014-11-25

My daughter had a class party, and we thought we'd try making these. We
made them with mini cupcakes, mini Oreos, and mini M&Ms, though, and
they worked out great that way too. They were easy, and we had fun
making them together, and the kids in her class loved them. Thanks for
the great idea!

kbp555 (author)2014-11-14

Thank you!

NerdyLissy (author)2014-11-14

Super CUTE! I really want to make those. They look more than delicious.

kbp555 (author)2014-11-14


KookyKreations (author)2014-11-13

Really cute! And I bet they were a huge hit at the bake sale. Any left over? ;)

Fission Chips (author)2014-11-13

These look delicious! I love your creative use of the leftover Oreo cracker-plate for the eyebrows. Great work!

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