Owl Hat




Introduction: Owl Hat

Step 1: Materials

- fluffy hat with or without ears/ Pom poms.
- felt. White, brown.
- 2 buttons, black.
- embroidery silks or thick thread, black, white, dark brown and light brown.
- needle, scissors, glue and scrap card.

Step 2: Prepare

Like my totoro hat cut a scrap piece of card to fit inside the hat to stop accidentally stitching and gluing together.

Cut 2 circles (about an inch and a half diameter) out of white felt for the eyes and a smallish triangle for his beak.

Arrange the shapes on the hat to distinguish how large his face should be. Cut out a rounded heart shape out of your brown felt so there is atleast a cm of brown felt on show between the eyes and hat.

Step 3: Eyes

Using black thread stitch the buttons onto the white felt.

Step 4: The Face

Glue the eyes and beak onto the brown felt. DON'T USE TOO MUCH GLUE! Or it will seep through the felt.

Using white thread stitch round the eyes to give added strength and detail.

Repeat with dark brown thread round the beak.

Step 5: Finalising

Glue and stitch the face to the hat. I found out that whilst I was stitching the face moved slightly so it may be a better idea to pin or tack the face to the hat as well as gluing.

Happy making!



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