Introduction: Owl Mask (part 1 of "Man in Strigiform" Costume)

Picture of Owl Mask  (part 1 of "Man in Strigiform" Costume)

The following is a photo tutorial of how I turned a $6.50 batman mask into a high end masquerade mask.

1. Cut of the batman ears.
2. Mesh and Super Sculpey nose.
3. Form Beak with super sculpey (@SculpeyPolyform)
4. Remove and bake beak. Spray paint beak 
5. Hot glue feather form onto mask. I used some leather wings from a pair of steam punk goggles but you could use cardboard of whatever you have lying around.
6. Hot Glue feathers and beak onto mask.

Next week I build a wing cape.
Stay tuned


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