Owl Phone Purse




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Introduction: Owl Phone Purse

I made this owl purse for my niece using different textures of yarn.  I started with the eyes by making a "magic" loop and building the iris.  I inserted plastic eyes and then crocheted an orb which I stuffed & then sewed to the iris.  The rest was pretty much off-the-cuff crochet.  I crocheted a kind of small tube for the purse and extended a flap over the top for his head & sewed the eyes to that.  I made a lip on the front of the purse & added fancy fur to give him a ruff.  Then I crocheted wings & a back with  open pattern work that becomes his tail.  He's not perfect, but I like his surly looks!



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    Holy shoot! That thing is CREEPAY

    This is so cool.  I love the creative use of stitches and yarns.  The eyes are awesome.

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    Thank you!  After seeing all the other wonderful entries I felt kind of intimidated.  Thanks for the ego boost! 

    There are lots of wonderful entries but your owl is right up there with the best of them!

    Thanks, from you I consider that high praise!  I voted for your bird!  I hope you win!