Picture of Owl Stitch You a Gift
Cross stitching is a cheap and easy way to make cute, homemade, Christmas presents for someone you care about. 

Step 1: Necessary Items

Picture of Necessary Items
You will need the following items:
A sewing needle
A pattern (You can find one online or in any craft store)
White DMC thread
Brown DMC thread
Dark Purple DMC thread
Light pink DMC thread
Yellow DMC thread
Green DMC thread
Dark Grey DMC thread
12"x 18" Antique White Aida Cross Stitch Fabric
lfong33511 year ago
Loooooove this owl cross stitch pattern. Thanks for sharing
ChrysN2 years ago
Cute owl and great instructions for people new to cross stitching.
scoochmaroo2 years ago
Great tips! I always start in the middle of a pattern but I didn't know this was an actual technique.
Great job! Such a cute owl. btw, I'm a cross stitching fan!