Owl Sock Doll




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Introduction: Owl Sock Doll

I love making sock dolls.
Sock doll are easy and simple to make as you just need a sock to start with. ^_^
For those who want to learn to make sock doll from me, you can go to my site to view my other step by step instruction.
Happy making doll~



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    what a cute owl... luv it, thx

    that iz amazin my friend luvs it!!

    This is so cute! I've tried making one, but cannot figure out how to sew the bottom? My mom tried helping me (she's pretty good with sewing) but even she can't figure it out. Is there a place where I can find a detailed instruction on how to sew the bottom of my owl?

    1 reply

    The bottom sewing is called seam shrinking. Try and search online for video or image and see how to do it.
    So sorry I skip some of the very basic step on sewing.

    tooooooo cute.... <3

    These are absolutely adorable.

    Thanks! It's cute. You can try to make one too.

    Your tutorials are precious. :o) Wonderful job.

    1 reply

    Oh dear... so sorry that I am late.
    You can use any sock, adult or baby are just ok. The only difference will be the result. Baby sock will make a small little cute owl, and the adult sock will make a big owl.
    (and I will remember to come back here to view my post so that I will not miss anybody questions again. ^_^;)

    does it have to be a baby's sock? :'(