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                                  We can make an own Arduino on bread board it is very easy but we need an isp programmer or usb to uart (or) ttl converter to program it,they are so much costlier and also we cannot use serial monitor via isp programmer,then i finally founded a solution that is creating a virtual COM port via attiny45/85 or atmega8/16/48/88/168/328.You can buy a ATTINY85 MCU from Radio Shack ar spark fun @~$2.84 and other materials are so cheaper,only we need $3-4 for this.
                                 Here,I gave a .zip file it contains circuit diagram,.hex file to be uploaded into MCU through a programmer and driver.
The "hex files"folder contains .hex files,you must upload a correct hex file to correct MCU,Now i am unable to give step by step instructions because of my exams,if you have any doubt please comment below,soon i will replay and don't forget to vote for me.

Happy Programming with cheap programmer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Mujoem (author)2016-10-04

Can you help me using it to upload arduino code? Thanks

KornyF (author)2016-08-11

I know the solution to create serial port without any hardware - Easy to use, all needed COM port functions are on the board.

Rifath (author)2013-09-24

please comment here and also vote for me.

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