This recipe is adapted from the Oyster, ginger, steelhead roe, beer dish from the Alinea Cookbook.  

It was one of three recipes Eric and I made for the Alinea Dinner Challenge 2, and by far the most successful.  It was also the easiest - if you can shuck an oyster, you can pull this one off beautifully.  Read on, and I'll explain how. 

Step 1: Ingredients and Tools

20 medium oysters
125g peeled ginger
500g water
100g sugar
2g Kosher salt
4 gelatin sheets
200g ale-style beer
150g sugar
6g soy lecithin
2 scallions
50g steelhead trout roe or salmon roe

8 glass cylinders
flat-bottomed bowls
small pot
8x8 pan
stick blender
oyster knife & glove
I think this is very interesting, it somewhat reminds me of a seafood martini i had last month. Keep it coming!

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