Ozobot MEGAmap





Introduction: Ozobot MEGAmap

Crate a huge map of Ozobots with 6-year-olds!

Step 1: Working in Small Groups - Drawing Lines

Let the children work in small groups of 3 or 4.

Give each group a big piece of carboard and each kid a big black marker.

Measures at the edge of the cardboard a few inches of the side and place a dot. Two/side so you have 8 dots. Each cardboard has to be the same.

Let them draw random lines. Make sure the intersections are 'clear' and the lines aren't too close to each other.

The lines have to connect with the dots you placed earlier. Other 'exits' are forbidden.

Let them test their circuit with the ozobots and adjust when needed.

Step 2: Here Come the Princess and the Dragons

Have a princess and a dragon printed for each group.

Randomly stick the charachters on their grid.

The ozobot has to 'cheer' when he reaches the princess and turn around when he meets the dragon.

Use the codes.

Step 3: Mega-map!

Use adhesive tape to match al the cardboards together. You will have to adjust the lines that cross the cardboards.

Put all your ozobots on the map and see what happens. Which princess is popular?

Step 4:



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That's a neat class project! It looks like the kids had a lot of fun with it :)