( Have a look at step 7 pic's 3,4,and 5 before you star building!!) finally got the time to post it:) hope you enjoy (THIS GUN WILL REQUIRE 3 CUT PICES OR JUST USE 1 SILVER ROD CUT INTO 3) this is a fun gun to shoot around with the only big con is power it is a CQB gun range about 20-27 feet don't put to many rubber bands on the ram!!! hope you enjoy:) DANG I did it again I put step's on the front page plz forgive I realized it when it was to late * I give the dunkis credit for the mag pusher* sorry if I spelled you name wrong:( Click on my name to see my retractable stock mech for some reason it's not publishing it

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~Meme~3 years ago
Its like a glock.
sirdavidvos5 years ago

wy do jo need pic 2  pic7 and pic8?

because you have to glue the knex
DrWeird1175 years ago
Wow...Quite a thick handgun.
DISECTOR136 years ago
hey there im a newb to the site but iv been making these guns for a while.this idea is by far the best it is ,strong ,powerfull,smart design ,looks sweet .i made a gun like this b4 an then i got to thinking y not make it out off metal ? so i did..... turns out it was so good that i got caught with it in public an got it destroyed by the police! but any who i thinking cuz im pretty good wit metal an mechanics so im going to make a solid metal one but make it stronger faster but easy as well. this time im going to make it go thro a wall since the last one i made could go thro a fence, drywall , an a leg!!!
Right. We all believe you on that one, there. The police cannot destroy any firearm or weapon. They confiscate it. By destroying it, they become an accomplice to the crime involving the weapon. You, sir, have been debunkd'.
trough a leg? that cant be healthy
This looks disturbingly similar to dutchwarlord's pistol.
yamaha23425 years ago
hard to fellow can u explain the slide more like how to build the slide cuz u got pics that r hard to look at    
mikstr25 years ago
wait, was this based off the pp2000?
judging by the pictures no
its a pistol
i'm looking for a pp2000 though
Silver Rods?
ironman69 (author)  Oompa-Loompa7 years ago
you can eather cut 3 small white connecters or 1 silver in 3 pices
Can you mod this to not use cut pieces?
ironman69 (author)  Oompa-Loompa7 years ago
i dont know but if you do build it plz try
I won't build it only cuz I have no reasonable method for cutting those pieces. I have scissors for decapitation, but can't do that. However you've inspired me to create my own slide pistol.
ironman69 (author)  Oompa-Loompa7 years ago
yea I used scissors to cut them because I have so many pieces good luck with the gun:)
is it shell ejecting?
is it shell ejecting?
Thanx a lot!
ironman69 (author)  Oompa-Loompa7 years ago
I mean rod's not connecters
Seleziona5 years ago
does it use anything broken?
matstermind6 years ago
which is better, the p2000, or the G-D1
they look the same, but I forget which one I built, so I couldnt say
combatknex6 years ago
thta is now every one of your guns made wohoo!
kennyboy 26 years ago
sic gun faved asnd 5 stared
killzone736 years ago
make the handle straight down, I think that's prettier
thebboy6 years ago
a little question on the mechanics. when you pull back the slide, does it also pull the ram back and then lock the ram into place an then the slide just goes back to its regular position and then the gun is cocked like that? or what does the mechanism do. i want to know cuz i now i only build guns for bragging about them so if it does that then it's gunna be really cool and i'll definetely build it. and also, do you have a piece count?
it pulls the ram back, then the trigger system locks it into place.
ya, but does the slide go back to regular, or does it stay in the cocking position is what my question is asking.
It returns.
amazing. i just might, MIGHT, make it.
jr34956 years ago
whats the point of the piece on step 7 second picture?
combatknex6 years ago
hay ironman i was wondering befor i build this what is the type of ammo?
apples!!!!!6 years ago
YAY! I loved it, and ironed out some flaws; it now uses a black rod, and you can put lotsa bands on.....its longer, though, but I find it to look awesome.
knexguy7 years ago
Is that your sniper in the background, last step 3-4 pics?
ironman69 (author)  knexguy7 years ago
ha yea I never noticed that
Looks good. Thinking of posting? What mech. does it use?
yannyboy7 years ago
like a glock
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