( Have a look at step 7 pic's 3,4,and 5 before you star building!!) finally got the time to post it:) hope you enjoy (THIS GUN WILL REQUIRE 3 CUT PICES OR JUST USE 1 SILVER ROD CUT INTO 3) this is a fun gun to shoot around with the only big con is power it is a CQB gun range about 20-27 feet don't put to many rubber bands on the ram!!! hope you enjoy:) DANG I did it again I put step's on the front page plz forgive I realized it when it was to late * I give the dunkis credit for the mag pusher* sorry if I spelled you name wrong:( Click on my name to see my retractable stock mech for some reason it's not publishing it
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Step 3: The slide

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Step 9: Fast pat!!!:D

load and shoot
yamaha23425 years ago
hard to fellow can u explain the slide more like how to build the slide cuz u got pics that r hard to look at