Hi this may be the hardest plane i've built yet but it's still got a few small problems due to the streamlined shape of the real plane. sorry, but if you want a complete instructable done please comment below.

Step 1:

<p>Very nice.Looks like your WWII bomber. I like it. I'm going to build that bomber sooner or later, then I'll think about building this one.</p>
<p>Looks beautiful!</p>
<p>A very well formed plane...<br>Except that:<br>This is no instructable, just pictures, which is really a shame. Because I believe that the model has multiple functions, such as the retractable landing gear, which don't stand out in this way.<br>Actually the shape of the plane is really difficult to make with k'nex, so you did a good job.</p>
Very cool! Nice job
Wow great plane model!

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