P Funnel: How Women Can Pee on Market Street





Introduction: P Funnel: How Women Can Pee on Market Street

Using the P Funnel women can stand up and pee. In some places like at a public urinal on the street, or by the side of the road it's more discreet to pee standing up. This DIY disposable funnel takes just minutes to make.


Paper - I bought a "non-bleed" paper for pens. It's 108 Lb. paper and stands up fine to one urination.

Masking tape




Step 1: Make Your Template and Cut Out the Funnel

Make a template to trace and keep it for making future P Funnels.

I can fit two P Funnels on a 9x12 paper.

Step 2: Fold Up the Funnel

Fold the paper in half then fold the tabs down to make a strong connection.

Step 3: Tape Joints

Tape the joints and fold the tape over the edges to make a water tight seal.

Step 4: Ready to Use

Open the P Funnel so it forms a cup. When using be sure to position so the tip is pointing down.

Pplanter 3.0 is on Market Street and 6th till 11pm tonight in case you need to go.

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    As an instructable, this falls short without a downloadable template.
    That being said, it's a good concept.

    Thanks for the suggestion! I made this instructable while standing on Market Street... my first smart phone instructable. I didn't have access to a scanner at the time, but I will make some templates and add them here soon.

    Hi, Great idea! Will make these for my wife, she does not like sitting on public restroom seats, and does what I call the Hoover maneuver. Braces her self and squats without touching the seat. Hopefully this will work better.

    what city is this?

    I like that this is a one use item that can easily fit in a purse. It's good for an emergency. Clever solution!

    Great idea, except I'd have to wear skirts! (Never liked skirts, personally.) :D Very nice tutorial for a common problem women need a solution to.


    Great idea!

    um wait.... what? never have I seen these public potty places. I can tell you tho that if one ever did come to my area it would have the Leo's lining up to wright out indecent exposure citations.

    I noticed the pop up urinals in Amsterdam were not exactly female friendly either