Introduction: P90

Alright, without any work for two days I present the long awaited for P90 with horizontal magazine. Again, I thank KGB for the entire body design of this gun, Knextremist for making a readible instructible on how to make it, and Dr Richtofen for magazine placement ideas. The only thing I credit myself to is the horizontal magazine and mag lock. Now I was kind of lazy when I took pictures for this gun so if you don't get how something comes together leave me a comment. Also for the basic design of the body, feel free to refer to Knextremist P90, because realistically I only took things off his version.

Anyway lets build this thing!
A JonnyBGood first.... A parts list!


2 gray rods

1 gray bendy rod

1 yellow rod

6 orange bendy rods

21 blue rods

132 white rods

311 green rods

8 cut rods (6 are actually needed. Cut to a three connector length)


40 white connectors

22 blue connectors

95 yellow connectors

16 green connectors

1 purple connector

45 red connectors

46 orange connectors

4 light gray connectors (two attachment points. Makes ‘V’ shape)

25 gray connectors (single attachment point)

-small special parts-

33 black y-clips

10 small metallic blue connectors

14 tan connectors

3 hinges

2 ball and socket joints

7 gray spacers

Step 1: Central Core and Mech

Pretty simply put, this part makes the gun work! Make sure to follow the pictures and ask questions if you need clarification.

Step 2: The Main Body

Alrighty! The hardest part of this is done so now all you need to do is build the body! A lot of pics are here for clarity so enjoy!

Step 3: The Finishing Details

These are the finishing details after this you have finished. (Finishing details= finished)

Step 4: Done!!! =)

Good job! Please enjoy your P90 and feel free to coment about any troubles you're having with it. I have a lot of other ibles' in the works right now so please subscribe for my other projects!

Also see my Youtube video on the preview for info on how to use the horizontal mag.



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    this gun looks really really cool :)

    Does it have the fast shooting mech

    Not really far maybe 10-20 feet. I mainly banked on the horizontal magazine but it wasn't perfect.

    I'm gonna build this wen I get enough parts but great job its amazing looking

    I SHALL BUILD >:O cuz it looks cool and horizontal mag.

    Alright! If you have any problems ask me.

    For some reason though it used to work fine, the bullets now get stuck on some white rods next to the blue connectors near the end of the barrel o.o

    hmmmmm... you mean the ones all the way by the front barrel, like all the way at the front? I had a slight problem with that as well if that's the case. Are you using a gray connector attached to a green rod as ammo?

    Yep those white rods and blue connectors. yes i am using grey cons+ green rods.