P90 Evolution





Introduction: P90 Evolution

This is my slide of the P90's that I have made. The pictures progress from my first to my last...yes, I know, my first one was VERY lame, as was my second, but my third, fourth and fifth were MUCH better.

Step 1: My New P90

This is my new P90!

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Yeah, the gun was pretty bad, but, all the same. Well, yeah, I was acting kind of idiotic, but that was almost two years ago. I defiantly turned the tables in 2013? Do you mean that I have become a better build than Sharir (if so, that is not true)? Or do you mean that I have become a better builder in general?

Wow. That is the most authenic and structeral storong p90 i have seen :O

Thou shalt make a P90 with horizontal mag and ye good olde accurate looks.

actually the first is the best

the first is the one that actually looks closest to the actual gun. piss off kid, you're pathetic.

Seriously that's downright mean. You maybe one of the best K'nexers on this site, (1000 times better then me) but really show some respect. He's recently started Instructables and K'nexing, and is trying hard to make his replica guns look good, while trying out different mechanisms, and you are condemning that. That's not setting an example OR helping him improve his guns. Please do not post rude comments like that, because everyone has to start somewhere. Thank you.


He was talking down to me the other day like the pathetic little kid he is, so I am pissed and have no respect for him whatsoever. He then makes that annoying comment up there, and I, much calmer than I was before, added that little sentence at the end of a mostly peaceful comment. Thank you anyway for your concern and your compliment. Just FYI, he hasn't used a single different mech in his guns. They're all the exact same simple "mech", some without a trigger and or mag even.