P90 With Horizontal Magazine





Introduction: P90 With Horizontal Magazine

Well this took a little longer than expected, but if you knew it was coming you probably were a litttle worried about the outcome. Not to worry though as you can see I used KGB's P90 and built it thanks to a guide from the Knextremist. I referenced the way that Dr. R had built his model when considering where the mag should be on the gun.
So what we have here is a shooting P90 replica with a horizontal magazine (just as the title suggests). Your probably bored of reading this wordy intro so let move to stats...


Shooting replica
looks good
expected range of 30ft
(tested with one rubberband got 10ft)
Reliable magazine


Long reloads
Trigger is, well, not my favorite...
More trigger issues
Not very comfy handle
Pulling the ram back is a bit challenging (friction issues)

Overall I think this gun is very promising and I will  continue to work out the remaining issues. I  think that even though I based this off someone elses P90 that this is pretty unique for the gun and is a much better replica than my QCW failure. I hope you like this and please leave a comment to tell me what you think about it. 



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    The full ible is now available enjoy!

    If you hold it backwards it would look like a marines gun from starcraft 2 :)

    That's a weird looking gun, in a backwards sort of way....... =)

    AMAZING JOB but only 1 thing: Y U NO POST? I hope you do it is a 5* worthy build.


    It's being posted today! No worries man. I try not to show anything I'm not going to create a full ible for. If you like any others from the past leave me a comment and I'll try to post them when I get some time off work.

    (sorry for slightly late reply) :D i saw the ible and i will try and make it. ty for the instructions and piece count!

    Sorry, not today tommorrow. I like taking my time.

    Sweeeeeet! love the mag lol, always did what i wanted to do to it, well done! :-)

    Thanks muchly!!! Do you plan on making things again?

    lol id love to but i sold my knex nearly 2 years ago lol xD