I was messing about with knex and a high powered elastic band and...
DUDE THIS IS SO NOT SEMI AUTO its pin pull it goes like this Pull pin, pull trigger , BANG,pull pin , pull tigger, BANGE A semi autos like this, pull trigger, BANG pull trigger BANG
Not semi auto It is actully False Bolt Action
thanks, but i dont see the difference
Don't see the difference? ... Do you have a clue what Bolt Action is? Or for that matter Semi Auto?
no? but oh well. <br>
Not false bolt-action either.
Its pin/ram/etc action, not false bolt DGM.
Not semi auto
looks great but its not semi auto <br>
Not semi auto
Please post Also 5*****
nice! 4*
i like it!
really bush?
lololololol i hate bush
who doesnt lol my friend maid a copy of it and shot his head off with the SRV1 and has a voodoo doll of him and it has 20 needles in his head
I print pictures of him and attach them to gun targets or firecrackers or bottle rockets god there is not a more satisfying thing to do to the guy that screwed up America
not truely semi auto<br /> see the mech in the back?<br /> you have to actually pull it back every time<br /> not truely semi auto<br />
true semi auto
or not?
it is a FBA but still awesome, keep up the good work Blobbobdude.
hey i got ark angel too lolXD
thats a good book i have the whole series
so do i but i onli got half way on the first one stormbreaker LOL
they are pretty actiony XD
make next time something biggers and that shoots farther it shoots max 50 feet ... bud funny gun ;)
You've probably seen Zak's Assault Rifle. This one looks like it. Not bad though, but it's NOT semi auto. I'll go for a 3*
Change the title so that semi-auto is not on the title. But, this is a very nice-looking gun, very clean-looking.
hi i made your gun from the pictures but i think mine is a little shorter but grest idea here is a pic P S 5 stars and faved
its not semi auto, but Post anyway.
Pretty nice. I like the sights; nice touch.
nice! post it
Very nice. I love it.
AWESOME! But not semi-auto :( BUT POST IT!