Picture of P9C - Chair made with CNC Router

CNC Furniture has been for a few years already but hasn't really taken off. I believe this is because designers haven't spend enough time designing with that technology in mind. Most of the CNC furniture I found online have the typical joinery exposed or have a rigid feel. I played around with the ShopBot Buddy (worktable 4' x 2') and made a family of chairs: Lounge Chair, a Stool and this Dining Chair. I wanted to design a modern chair that would have a retro look, similar to a school chair but making it more ergonomic and comfortable.

CNC Routers have become affordable in the last couple of years and there are quite a lot of DIY CNC Routers out there. If you have a TechShop close by you can probably make it over there.

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Step 1: Materials

Picture of Materials


  • ¾ inch pre-finished maple plywood (2 sheets 4'x2')
  • Shopbot
  • ¼ inch End Mill
  • Wood Clamps
  • Wood Glue

IMPORTANT: measure the thickness of your plywood! I purchased the white melamine plywood in 0.75” thick (19.05 mm) but as you can see from the photo, the it was 19.81 mm and the pre-finished walnut was 18.95 mm thick. This is really important to take note because the design has locking parts and we need to accommodate for a thicker material.

domenic36 months ago

extremelly nice design

cncrouters9 months ago

it is use cnc router 5aixs ?

gworld10 months ago
Awesome! I wish I had a CNC router. Very inspirational
alepalan (author)  gworld10 months ago

Thanks! Are you close to a Techshop?

gworld alepalan10 months ago
Sorry for such a late reply. I live in Portugal. We do not have Techshop here! But I found a guy with a homemade one!
alepalan (author)  gworld10 months ago

Awesome! Hope you can build a few of these chairs. I'd love to see them!