CNC Furniture has been for a few years already but hasn't really taken off. I believe this is because designers haven't spend enough time designing with that technology in mind. Most of the CNC furniture I found online have the typical joinery exposed or have a rigid feel. I played around with the ShopBot Buddy (worktable 4' x 2') and made a family of chairs: Lounge Chair, Dining Chair and this Stool. Click on the links for each instructable.

CNC Routers have become affordable in the last couple of years and there are quite a lot of DIY CNC Routers out there. If you have a TechShop close by you can probably make it over there.

Step 1: Materials


  • ¾ inch black melamine plywood (1 sheet 4'x2')
  • Shopbot
  • ¼ inch End Mill
  • Table Router with round bit (optional)
  • Wood Clamps
  • Wood Glue

IMPORTANT: measure the thickness of your plywood! I purchased the black melamine plywood in 0.75” thick (19.05 mm) but as you can see from the photo, it was 20.16 mm thick. This is really important to take note because the design has locking parts and we need to accommodate for a thicker material.

<p>Hello, I used a Techply beech hardwood plywood to cut this awesome design for the stool. unfortunately my ply edges were burnt, which can be seen in the first picture attached. Then I used some PVC edge bands to cover it up. I think I should use the Birch Ply for this stool which will give better results. Never the less I'm so happy with the design and the seat of this stool. Thanks Alepalan !!</p>
<p>I finally made one! (btw you were right on me setting up the profile cuts wrong) This is very a well designed furniture set!</p><p>I was able to cut it out using only my 2'x3' CNC.</p>
<p>Pocket cuts*</p>
<p>Awesome!! It looks great! Spectacular job! Thanks for the compliments, hope you can make the whole set!</p>
<p>Thanks! I plan on making two of the lounge chairs in the next few weeks.</p>
<p>Hi, I made it in Beech wood.</p><p>I'm really happy with the design and comfort of the seat...</p>
<p>NICE!!! Great Job!! Looks awesome! What is that router you have? Are you planning to put some kind of finish to the wood?</p>
<p>Thanks, </p><p>The Cnc is a Holzfraese, I've made a topic Here: <a href="http://www.metabricoleur.com/t5197-cnc-holzfraese?highlight=holzfraese" rel="nofollow">http://www.metabricoleur.com/t5197-cnc-holzfraese?...</a>( It's in French)</p><p>I'm not going to finish I prefer to let him acquire a sheen naturally.</p><p></p><p></p>
<p>Hi. Nice Instructable. However, I don't know what a Shopbot is! I AM disabled and having more and more trouble sitting, especially on low seats. #1. Do you sell kits, #2. If so, could the leg height be made higher?</p>
<p>@WatedBabies: Thanks for the response!</p><p>@YLBright: I don't sell kits (yet...maybe it could be a business worth exploring). The design can easily be modified by any shop, specially the height.</p>
<p>A Shopbot it just the name of a certian CNC machine. A CNC machine is a computer controlled cutting machine. You can buy similar kits from this website, however they are quite expensive for furniture: http://atfab.co/ On the design that <a href="https://www.instructables.com/member/alepalan/" rel="nofollow">alepalan</a> provided the legs could easily be made longer, provided the CNC has the room. </p>

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