Introduction: PAINT TOOL SAI COLORING TUTORIAL - for Beginners

This video will give you an idea on how to color linearts with shades using paint tool sai.

This video was submitted for the fulfillment of our requirements in a computer subject.

Machine Project in BASICON

Submitted by:
GROUP 6 of S21
Buan, April Anne
Gabucan, Valerie
Gonzales, Elisha Jeremy
Villena, Eunice Jennina


suhasmane made it!(author)2013-04-12

u r havng. ................... very nice art............

please see this also...

klampkins made it!(author)2012-11-08

Hi, I have paint tool sai...and I put the layer under the lineart...but still it tries to cover over the lines, can you think of what I'm doing wrong?

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