Following on from my last Instructable, I needed a table to go along with my pallet stools to finish the dining set ready for summer, which given that I live in England will probably only last a week.

Step 1: Super Simple Project!

This was made allot easier because I found a pallet that had a perfect top with all of the boards intact and clean. So I started by cutting;

Legs x 8 - 700mm

Supports x2 - 700mm

I assembled the legs in the same way as my last Instructable by using 30mm brad nails with my nail gun. to make four L shaped legs at 90 degrees. These are then fitted flush with the pallet top in the same way. This particular pallet had supports which are 150mm square which made for a strong joint.

Step 2: Finish.

I finished the project by adding the supports to the legs at each end leaving 150mm clearance from the base.

I also used the same timbercare pine stain as before after a light sanding.

Now its time to enjoy the summer, for however long it lasts that is. I think a total of nine pallets and a total of £10 spent is a result, and could not be happier with the outcome. I also hope these Instructables have inspired others to get making as this was done with minimal tools and cost.

Appreciate and comments that you have and would love to see any other examples you might have made.


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    In the top right hand corner next to the title, you should see a little orange vote button. Thanks

    done not a bad first prize their hope you win

    Thanks, really appreciate it.

    Fantastic job!!! Very creative :) It is such a well-recycled, thus earth-friendly beautiful set :):)

    it gets my vote really nice man if i ever get the money for the table saw and planer ill be looking into this further

    Thanks, also I didn't use my table saw for this built. It is super simple to make. It could be done with a jigsaw and a nail gun. I know what you mean though it is an expensive hobby to have.

    Looks really nice welldone but add more detail

    Thanks, what parts do you think I should have covered in more detail?