Picture of PANZERHANDY - the armoured cell phone
How many times I broke a mobile phone by just letting it fall on the ground or - everybody gets angry, sometimes - while throwing it to the wall or someone's head...

Too many, many too many. Even my strongest Samsung shockproof didn't resist, finally.

Mobiles are fragile, too fragile, and need our protection.

So I decided to develop an armour - a panzer!

An armour will
1) protect the inside
2) make you think twice before throwing it
3) be more effective when the phone goes ballistic

Low-cost, shockproof. And, don 't forget, cool!

- some scrap or, in my case, a few metal sabots used in woodconstruction stuff
- an old mixer
- all the metal working gear you can grab

Step 1: Preparing the sides

Sabots are cool stuff: cheap, and already plied. Only some cutting, welding & grinding to make the pieces you want.
chaosfts26 days ago

This is the coolest phone I've ever seen! Thank you bricobart!

laffinm1 year ago
You should engrave the metal around the buttons so you know what numbers they are
Niiice when boarding a plane ! … 
Advar1 year ago
Star Trek Steampunk!, :O
q3qyuu2 years ago
Can this be applied to a qwerty phone?:D
IR0NxLEGEND2 years ago
Is there any way to easily waterproof it?
This is such a great 'ible! It looks so medieval that I want to get a horse and armour to match and trot down the Main Street calling up anyone I can think of.......will it withstand a sword blow?
bricobart (author)  bricabracwizard2 years ago
It will, great knight - maybe I should call this i'ble 'sword-proof'!
My french friends have an expression for making a phone call 'giving a phone hit', they say. Now I understand why everyone is afraid when I promise I'll give them a 'phone hit' ;-)
Yeah....on iPhone there is an app that is called bump, when you knock phones together you can transfer files or photos...with this you could demolish the other phone.....but you would only use this for good not evil? :-)
bricobart (author)  bricabracwizard2 years ago
Of course great knight, unless it's a Japanese whaler who's calling me! Bump it!!!
jumper172 years ago
I'm honestly surprised that nobody's even mentioned the 'Nokia' brand yet.
Wow; very nice job.
I particularly like the keyboard.

is the signal affected at all by the case ?
bricobart (author)  FriendOfHumanity2 years ago
Thanx! The signal seems to be the same as before in 90% of the calls, honestly. Sometimes there's some loss, even when just before it was at full power.
pokemech2 years ago
Now for the true test, give it to Chuck Norris...
bricobart (author)  pokemech2 years ago
I'll give it to my yak ;-)
Looks cute!
bricobart (author)  Mr. Swiss Gartner2 years ago
Thanx mate!