They can be made with any type of paper.  You can use them as a card with a message in the center -when opened-, as a simple flower when closed, as a cute box for your desk or even as a gift.



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    Thank you, my students will appreciate it!

    thank youuuu !!

    Just wanted to thank you very much for the template.


    i second that! much appreciated!

    Thanks so much for the template PDF. I printed it, cut it out, and made the flower very quickly. I would not have even attempted it without your template file.

    I may try this with a piece of stiffened fabric, as a small coin purse. Probably not (I'm not good on follow through), but it's an idea.

    didnt get, pls i need more help

    i made it from the pic its very nice

    I made instructions for a easy way to made it, without printer or pattern. It's based in first fold then cut.

    I posted instructios a few hours ago, but I make a mistake in them. Here the fixed ones.


    Thank you ever so much for pdf card template we could download. Without this, I don't think I would ever consider making the item. It's a great idea but the pattern examples were making my head spin. LOL

    How can I see the full instructions?

    Oooh, my girls are gonna LOVE these!

    Thanks to ilnepasdequoi's template, I was able to successfully make this card. I amended the template to show the different types of folds involved to use as a reference tool.

    Flower card template - folds labelled.jpg
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    You have not given us a way to download your templates. Please find out how to do it and then do it.
    Dan White

    I tried - the Instructables comment system only allowed me to upload an image, not the PDF file. Do you need to have a pro account to upload a file like ilnespasdequoi did?

    Virginia & Kdkos

    Pls find the pattern as follows. I suggest you to photocopy the third image where you can see dotted lines that you have to fold in order to obtain the shape of every 'petal'. Have a nice day !

    paper flower_a.jpgpaper flower_b.jpg
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    Do you possibly have the template in a larger, printable format? I tried enlarging the one you included, but it's a lower resolution picture. Maybe a PDF file?

    This really isn't an instructable. It's three pictures with a short paragraph. But even after reading the paragraph and looking at the pictures, the reader doesn't have a pattern, folding directions, nothing.

    I see now that you've included a pattern in the comments. You should put that into your instructable, where it belongs... along with a few words explaining what is going on.