• This is a small paper house with two floors.
  • I made a house using a cardboard paper. The house i made without any glue to attach the papers. just i joint all the papers with one another.
  • Below the steps shows how i made and joint the Papers.


Material used for making

  • Cardboard paper
  • scissors
  • Sketches/ poster colours


This is base for the house

I cut at the centre for placing a house

fold the remaining place to make as a wall for the house

cut a path in centre

Step 3: Making a House

This is the step to make a house

I make two for the bottom and top floor as same

Step 4: Mount a Hose on Base

Mount a house on base we made above

before that you cut a line on the bottom of the house to place. it shown in the fig

Step 5: Mounting Next Floor and Roof

for next floor, i make a small floor to separate the house

Attach to the bottom house to insert a two cardboard side of the bottom house.

next place a house above that

Made a roof for the house. attach the roof to insert into a house upper portion to make a house

Step 6: Colouring

Colour the house

Step 7: Joint All the Parts Without Any Glue

Now joint all the parts without any glue

Thank you!

<p>I made this paper house with my own idea</p>
<p>it doesnt say how to do it</p>

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