Hello guys, Pokemon go has just launched and is slowly taking over entire world. So I thought I'll make a pokeball and hide it in one of the pokestops with message inside. See how I made it.

Step 1: WATCH VIDEO!!!

Every instructable I make has a video tutorial. And this one isn't exception. I suggest you to watch video first. Or proceed to the next step.



Step 2:

For this project you'll need:

a toy ball (size of a tennis ball)

firstly tear paper into a small pieces. you'll need around 6 pages of newspaper. then make few of paper strips wet and cover your ball one layer in wet paper.

Step 3:

Then mix pva glue and water 50/50 and apply it on your ball following by strip of paper. Cary on this process till you feel like its enough. but keep in mind. thicker the layer stronger pokeball. then leave it to dry for a day or two.

Step 4:

When it's dry, cut it in half using a saw. cut paper only. then I sprayed it with black paint and masked edges in both halves with masking tape.

Step 5:

Next I painted each halve of my overall . one in red one in white. when paint was dry I removed masking tape. then using hot glue glued two magnets so it locks. and one magnet happened to look like a button. finally I placed a message inside this pokeball and hide it at one of the pokestops for the players of Pokemon go to find it and let me know if they did. hope you enjoyed this instructable. have fun with the new game. :)
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