A really cool star box made with one piece of paper.


For this instructable you will need:

1.Any size piece of paper


If your paper is already a square skip this step.

Take one of the corners and fold it diagonally.[picture1] you should have a little rectangle at the bottom, cut that off.[picture2]


Fold both corners diagonally so there is a big X in the middle of the paper.

The picture show it on the second diagonal fold.

Now unfold the paper. So you have the X

Step 4: FOLD #3

Now take the paper and fold it hamburger style both ways[picture1]

The picture shows the first hamburger fold.

Step 5: THE BASE

Now keep the paper folded on the second hamburger fold and pinch inwards.[picture1]

Now fold the flaps over so it is a diamond shape.[picture2]

Step 6: FOLD #5

Make sure that the open side of the model is facing you.

Now fold one of the corners to the center of the model.[picture1] Do this to both sides of the model.


Now you should have a kite shaped model.

In the folds that you just made, take one of them, put your finger in it, and slide it to the end and squash it down. Do that to all of the #5 folds.

Look at the picture to see what it looks like.

Step 8: FOLD #7

Now take the model and fold it as shown in the picture. Do this to both sides of the model.

Step 9: FOLD #8

Now fold the corners on the guide lines that you will see on th model. Do this to all four corners.

Look at the picture for help.

Step 10: FOLD #9

Now you should have the kite shape again.

Fold the top triangle down so its tip is where the #8 folds are. Do this to both sides so you have a guideline.

Step 11: FOLD #10

Now you have your guideline. Fold the bottom tip to that guideline. Then turn it over and do the same to the other side. Do this to all four sides.

Step 12: FOLD #11

Now your model should be a pentagon shape.

Take a little bit of paper from the bottom of the model and fold it up on all four sides.

Look at the picture for help.


Now turn the model upside down and put your fingers through and open it.

It should end up looking like the second picture.

Now your done and you can show everybody.
<p>Thank you for the tutorial :) I made this!</p>
Nice so cool
you have good lighting i can actually fold mine ty
&nbsp;i dont get this, mabye u could put what it looks like after u complete the step before this and explaine this fold. and put on the next or this step what it looks like after this fold.<br /> <br />
I dont know about the other people, but i made this fine! Cool instructable!<br />
uhh i dont get this part so you need to take a better picture. =)
all 5# ? when i tried this there was only 4
no i mean the folds you made in step 5. there are 4 of them
i'm looking for the picture for help and i see.................... none bit more help here?

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