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The Paracord Germ Grenade is a hand sanitizer bottle wrapped with paracord (parachute cord), which was recently featured on my paracord design blog . Once tied it can be hung upside down using a carabiner or by using a tie made with paracord or other means. I keep one in my vehicle hanging from the rearview mirror so that anytime I leave a store, it is close at hand.

This wrap doesn’t have to be strictly for hand sanitizer, some may prefer hand lotion or any other items you use frequently that you want to keep close at hand. It is also a very easy wrap to tie, if you can tie a knot then you can tie the Paracord Germ Grenade.


Picture of SUPPLIES
• 13 Feet of paracord in the color of your choice
• Hand Sanitizer bottle (I used Purell)
• Ruler or tape measure
• Hemostats or other small needle-nose pliers
• Lighter
• Rubber band
• Scissors (anything that will cut the paracord)
• Super Glue (not necessary)

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AlecE29 days ago
I am using a slightly larger bottle, what is the foot of para cord to inch of bottle size ratio
hsanford made it!1 month ago

These are so cool and fun to make!

cool123cool2 months ago
Paracord cool!
Scenographer7 months ago
Thanks for this great technique! In K9 Search and Rescue training we use baby powder to check wind direction - hanging a travel size bottle upside down from your belt near dog height. Most handlers cut up travel size shampoo or sanitizer bottles as cradles but this method serves an additional purpose - providing an emergency cordelette and 'biner!
n_d_hanks made it!1 year ago

Thanks for the post. It's super simple, super functional, and looks awesome!

This was fun to make. A little time consuming.
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pierow made it!1 year ago

Good write-up - Thanks for the project.


Very cool! My first paracord project. I just made one for one of my new Cub Scouts. He left his hand sanitizer at our last meeting. He was proud of his little bottle, showing everyone. He probably thinks he lost it forever, but we are all going camping in 2 weeks. I'll give it to him there. I think he'll be very proud of it now, and with the carabineer I added he won't loose it this time.

w4ll1 year ago
dzflyboy1 year ago
dzflyboy1 year ago
Cman_1171 year ago
Is the wrap just like cobra but around the bottle?
Can you create a video of this please?
I am stuck on the 4 step -_-
SyberProdigy (author)  speedracer4251 year ago
Sorry I haven't responded til now, but If you will take a pic of what you're tying, I should be able to talk you through it.
maybe this video off of youtube will help.... http://youtu.be/yDEOt0KVWDY
smart_ax2 years ago
Simple and beautiful!
Dj NurSpek3 years ago
Super easy, I thought it going to be way harder. I used Coyote Tan/FDE and it turned out great. I work in a hospital so this is going to in my tool bag.
what color is the paracord on the left i like that color alot
SyberProdigy (author)  bbgun_sniper3 years ago
I'm not sure which photo you're referring-the orange color is Neon Orange, the brown color is Coyote Tan. I purchased the paracord from Supply Captain, they are continuously adding new colors to their inventory and they have always been a great supplier for me.
BLUEBLOBS23 years ago
This is a genius idea!
How do you tie the little loop you added on the end in black?
SyberProdigy (author)  motorgirl1123 years ago
The loop is called the Chinese Butterfly Knot and I learned the tying technique from "The Book of Decorative Knots". Google books provides a preview of the book which shows the instructions on tying the knot, here is the link.
Thanks, I got that part, and now have a butterfly knot with two strings hanging off, how did you get the seamless loop?
SyberProdigy (author)  motorgirl1123 years ago
It's kind of tricky, but all you have to do is use one cord, instead of using two as the book describes.
Use one end for each strand and once you have it loosely tied, you have to work the strands taught to create the small loop. Also, if you're going to tie as the photo shows, you'll need to go under the bottom cord of the Germ Grenade before starting to tie the Butterfly, I recommend using a fairly long strand so that the Grenade won't be in your way.
dguillinta3 years ago
When I read "germ grenade," I was thinking of something along the lines of biological warfare.... shame.
Me too. I suppose that says something about our characters...
Me too. I only clicked on it because I was wondering what it had to do with paracord.
You know what they say, "Evil minds bent on poisoning the world via Bio-Bombs think alike."
when i read your comments i thought that you are all going to be making dirty bombs
mysterion3 years ago
Thought this was a biological weapon :( lol
great idea making those un-sightly handsanitizer bottles look cool!
apurdon3 years ago
Awesome idea! I love it! What size bottle did you use, tho? My 2oz one looks bigger than the pic. I guess I'll see if I run out of cord! :)
SyberProdigy (author)  apurdon3 years ago
If I remember correctly, I think it was a 2 ounce bottle, but I'm not for sure. I tend to look for the smallest bottle I can find because I think it looks better, but that's just my opinion, others may like the larger bottles.
this is a great instructable easy to follow. made my first one in like a couple of hrs. the second one only took an hr. they are great for diaper bags which is what i made mine for. never seem to have a sink handy when you need to change a diaper outdoors. made one for my lunch box as well.
SyberProdigy (author)  paracordbylane3 years ago
I am glad you found the instructions useful, it sounds like you have taken the design and ran with it. I would love to see photos when you have time.

Thanks for the support.
here's the first one i made for our diaper bag man has it come in handy.
Hmmm you must have a lot of spare time on your hands.
Its called passion...
Still must have a lot of spare time......
Can this holder be removed and placed on another bottle of the same size? Awesome design! Love it!
No, the vertical strands loop over the neck of the bottle and then are locked from the backside. Without untying it, you're stuck with the bottle it was tied on. You could always wait until the bottle is empty and then put whatever you want back in it.
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