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germ grenade-10.jpg
Once you’ve wrapped the bottle all the way to the bottom you will need to cut the excess paracord.
Mark the paracord with a pen at the points where it needs to be cut. Use your scissors and cut the paracord even so that it makes it look as if the wrap continues on.
Now take you lighter and singe the ends, if you have superglue, you can use it to secure the strands in place (make sure not to use the superglue on sections of the paracord that will be seen, it should be used on the underside of the paracord).

Your Paracord Germ Grenade is now complete and hopefully you have created something similar to the one I tied. Add a carabiner to the bottom of the bottle or leave as it is, the end result is up to you.

How do you tie the little loop you added on the end in black?
SyberProdigy (author)  motorgirl1123 years ago
The loop is called the Chinese Butterfly Knot and I learned the tying technique from "The Book of Decorative Knots". Google books provides a preview of the book which shows the instructions on tying the knot, here is the link.
Thanks, I got that part, and now have a butterfly knot with two strings hanging off, how did you get the seamless loop?
SyberProdigy (author)  motorgirl1123 years ago
It's kind of tricky, but all you have to do is use one cord, instead of using two as the book describes.
Use one end for each strand and once you have it loosely tied, you have to work the strands taught to create the small loop. Also, if you're going to tie as the photo shows, you'll need to go under the bottom cord of the Germ Grenade before starting to tie the Butterfly, I recommend using a fairly long strand so that the Grenade won't be in your way.
dman074 years ago
The Germ Grenade Rocks, Thank you so much for your tutorials, I really appreciate your guys time and instructions, please keep em coming.

Semper Fi

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