Hi, I recently started a knex gun and it worked very well, so here it is :)


-Pump action(fast firing)
-Removable mag with slider lock
-Good range(40-50ft)


-Is a bit big
-Is a bit heavy
-Uses a lot of pieces
Oh wow, I didn't realize you were still alive here, lol. I like this man, it looks cool. It reminds me a little bit of my most recent pump-action gun. If you check it out just tell me what you think. : )
Thanks, and your pump-action rifle looks good and I like how it is like a bolt action aswell :)
Thank you very much! : D
That is what I thought. =D
Thanks =D
BRO, YOU ARE BACK!!!!! Where hast thou been young'un? I was hoping you hadn't left permanently... Well, ever since you subed me...and then left (XD)...I have gotten MUCH better. I post another comment on this gun a bit later... =D
I just had too much revision to do :(
What do you mean by "revision?" I am not quite sure I understand...?
Work and just going over things
Ah, I see. Well, do you mind taking a look at some of my stuff?
I have looked at a few things and it looks amazing:)
No problem.
Thanks man. =)
Not the whole time but quite a bit of it

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