Bullpup PARR V2 [Build]





Introduction: Bullpup PARR V2 [Build]

Hey guys!

This is the instructable for my PARR (Pull And Release Rifle)! Hope you build and like it! Let's get right into it! Oh, and BTW, the pics might be blurry, but that you can get over...

Step 1: What You Will Need to Make [!]

Heres an overview of what you will be making!

Step 2: Left Body With Internals

Here's what you will make. The pics are pretty self explanatory.

Step 3: Right Side and Such...

Look at the title.

Step 4: Mag, Rubber Bands, and Extra Views

Again, look at the title...

Step 5: Rate, Comment, and Subscribe!

Again, do as the title says!

Pleas rate, comment, and subscribe!



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Questions & Answers


oh my goodness I just now realized this had a mag- im stupid


That's a nice gun you've got there! Thanks for posting!

I'm currently working on a G36K! It was going to use gtrain's G36C internals, but those are not as good as I (and other people) thought.

Nice, When do you think you'll finish?