This is part 2 of my ableton live controller,if you havent looked at part 1 click here

In this part of the instructables i will be focusing on wiring,soldering,and finishing up.
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Step 3: Soldering the ground wires

Picture of Soldering the ground wires
After all is good,begin soldering the wires to the buttons.

Step 4: Hot wire

Now let us begin to wire up the hot wires,unlike the ground wires,the hot wires dosnt share a ground point.Instead,each hot wires from the button goes to the individual inputs on the ipac.After the hots are properly align,begin soldering them to the buttons.

Now the buttons are soldered,but i didnt solder the wires to the ipac,because the ipac uses a flat head screwdriver to tighten up the wires to the ipac,so less soldering for me :)

Step 5: Securing and finishing up build

After its all wired up,i secure the solders with hot glue to keep em sticky and prevent short circuiting,be sure to check if the buttons work before hot gluing by going to the text editor and puush the buttons,dont forget to make a hole for the usb cable.

When your all set,close that bad boy and glare at the midi box.

Step 6: Mapping

Be warned that this is not currently a midi map,its actually a key map that is made for ableton.

So basically what you do when you push a button is like hitting the key on the keyboard,Ableton live has an ability to map keystrokes to control clips and effects,dont know about other DAW's though....

Hope you like it,its been a fun project that i did.
Arduin1 year ago
how you write cod in microcontroller?
doggyd69b1 year ago
You didn't show how to connect the usb cable, and are missing some important steps.
I would make an aluminum case for that or even easier buy a cookie aluminum box, eat cookies and use that as your project box instead, it would be really easy to paint it and just about the right size.
mastermakoko (author)  doggyd69b1 year ago
Well one end of the usb cable has a connector to the main board, I think I should have taken a picture of it just to make it clear though. As for the project box, due to the amount of time I put into this project and since this was more of a time waster in a boring afternoon, I had to make due with the cardboard post box. But I am going to make an improved version of this project in the future and will take the project box more seriously :D