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a patriotic piece of art of gift for your favorite american!

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newspaper (I used a Saturday & Sunday edition of the NYT), 8"x10" canvas, ruler, matte medium, sponge brush, pencil, ruler, paper towels and a clean work surface.

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start by going through your newspapers and pulling out all the red & blue images you can find. the more tonal variation the more successful your final piece will be.

{EASY TIP: The white of the newspaper was what I used for my white stripes. }

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layout your flag with a pencil as you'll want it to look. I made 8 stripes each an 1" wide and a rectangle that is 4" high by 5.5" high.

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begin filling in the red stripes by covering the entire strip with matte medium and then rip up you red pieces and place on the strip. Be sure to use all the color variations and use different sizes. Be sure to cover the sides of the canvas too. Fill in all the red strips first.

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move onto the white doing the same thing you did with the red stripes. I added in some white pieces with text on them to add some variety.

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once the white strips are done move onto the blue rectangle. use tiny pieces of white as the stars spread throughout the blue area.

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once your happy with it give a good healthy slathering of matte medium over the entire canvas and let dry for a tleast 2 hours.

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god bless it!

for more details and images visit "handmade and special"!

thanks for your time!


Paracord Ninja (author)2011-05-15

I'm with neon panda

CamillaLuvzMusic (author)2010-12-14


Neon Panda (author)2010-12-03

Love it XD Im going to try this- But with the union jack. :D

Weissensteinburg (author)2009-02-09

I love the American flag!

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