Picture of PATT-28v1.7
Here are the instructions for my pump action gun.

Step 1: Pieces

-5 grey
-4 red
-1 yellow
-11 blue
-43 white
-96 green
-13 white
-14 blue
-52 yellow
-8 green
-21 red
-3 light gray
-12 dark grey
-21 orange
-2 decapitated dark grays or one cut in half orange.
-12 Y-clips
-8 blue metallic end caps
-5 tan end caps
-2 thin rubber bands
- 1 or two thick rubber bands
101man6 years ago
Sting Teddy6 years ago
Great Gun!!!!! love it 5* A bit flimsy though.
5* fav and super sub

Trauts7 years ago
Looks great! 5 stars!
jollex (author)  Trauts7 years ago
Thank you!
Trauts jollex7 years ago
Yeah, you're 3rd best rated now!
How can you tell?
jollex (author)  DrWeird1176 years ago
Just search knex and then click on rating.
Oh, thanks.
how far does this shoot?
I wouldn't really know, haven't finished building it yet.
MGinshe jollex6 years ago
and thats knex as a whole not just knex guns!!
jollex (author)  Trauts7 years ago
Wow, that's awesome, I had no idea.
anaconda6 years ago
5 stars! i might build it right now!
i lose a brother with that gun... its a joke its very powerful
statified6 years ago
its got the look! but my trigger doesnt have enough strength to pull the block out of the way
jollex (author)  statified6 years ago
Try putting less elastics.
The Jamalam7 years ago
oh yes, if this is a pump rifle/shotgun, it either needs a longer barrel (fake, like mine) or a stock, or even both
jollex (author)  The Jamalam7 years ago
I wanted it to be small but easy to use so I did not put an extended barrel or stock.
one is un snaped
alright thanks that helps a lot. i was having trouble but tinkering with it enogh i figured it out. Awesome gun +5
how does the ram stay back?
jollex (author)  atomicturkey277 years ago
When you pull the ram back it pushes the bullet forward on to the block that is in front of the mag, so it blocks the bullet and the ram. Then when you pull the trigger it unblocks the bullet and the ram.

| ---- ----------

/\ /\ /\
block bullet ram
dsman1952767 years ago
WOW! how did i miss this? it stinks that i can't build it right now.
not to be mean or anything but it looks like it got confused with a pistle. Im sure it works just fine and all but im just saying. By the looks of the barrle though it probably goes a long ways
Looks good!
hellpilot7 years ago
Nice, I'm going to build it.
Doctor Who7 years ago
Sweet I got about 40-50 feet per bullet indoors.
The Jamalam7 years ago
nice! 60 ft, i like it!