PB AND J Crochet Wallet





Introduction: PB AND J Crochet Wallet

Step 1: What You Need

Tan yarn
Red yarn
Orangish- brownish yarn
Crochet hook
Yarn needle

Step 2: Pattern

Bread slices

Chain 15
Rows 1-20 single crochet
Make 2

Jelly slice

Chain 15
Rows 1-20 single crochet
Make 1

Peanut butter slice

Chain 15
Rows 1-20 single crochet
Make 1

Step 3: Yarn Needle Saves the Day

Stack all four layers. Then, Use yarn needle to stitch around the edges of the PB and j do not stitch one side and close off

Now you have a four compartment wallet!



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    This is hilarious!I'm going to make this whether I like PB&J or not!And thank you for the awesome craft!

    Thanks so much BlackberryPir I appreciate it so much! I do have other contest entry's if you want... Anyway, i look forward o seeing your future inatructables

    Totally voting for you! Thanks for all your support on my instructables too!

    Sorry! My cut/paste messed up! Very cute idea! I don't know how to crochet. This is a great beginner project or for kids. And a great gift idea!

    Hi, can't wait try this. Have been a long time beginner knitter for 8 years. Learning continental by myself. I have to learn "yarn over"!