PC Art Rage





Introduction: PC Art Rage

Not so much an instructable, but evidence of the inevitable outcome of mixing frustration, boredom, sharpies, Tipp-Ex, odds 'n' ends, an elderly desktop PC and slooooow network access - at least 20 minutes each day to log on. They devil will find work for idle hands...

Step 1: Redundant Technology

Take one slowly dying PC...

Step 2: Network Access

Add a sloooooow network...

Step 3: The Tools

Dial in a few Sharpies and some Tipp-Ex...

Step 4: Ennui

Add a large dash of boredom, the contents of your desk drawer and things start to happen...



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    i got dizzy just by looking at it.
    But cool anyway!

    Like it! You should glue more stuff on it!

    Me and my kids made something similar with a pink(!) barbie toy car, and made it into an art car. Check it out here: http://pappmaskin.no/2008/10/toy-art-car-project/

    This is freaking awesome!!

    now that's what i call art that's awesome sadly we don't have that kind anymore or i would do it in a second lol it really give you something to look at

    Reminds me of an art installation I did a long time ago of televisions in various stages of decay starting with working tvs, then ones with various art and ceramics on them making them look more and more stone age, and then winding up with one made out of unfired goopy clay. It was fun.... oh how I wish I had managed to hang on to my old slides through the many changes of roomates and homes.....

    i would so do this to my computer! my mom would KILL me though! :)

    Many people make complicated mod for their 3000$ gaming PC and yet this is one of the most beautiful computer I've ever seen!