Are you as tired of the uncomfortable XBOX 360 Headset as I am and also want better sound quality like you get with the headsets that you use with your computer?

Make a converter to use that nice comfortable headset on your XBOX 360  either with or without game audio.

Below is the one I just made to use my Razer headset with my XBOX 360, this one has Pseudo Stereo but I am including a design for stereo game audio and left channel game chat as well.

Step 1: Parts List and Tools Needed

Parts List
1.  x 1  RCA Cable 1 to 3 feet long
2.  x 1  2.5mm Jack Male
3.  x 1  3.5mm Jack Male
4.  x 2  3.5mm Jacks Female
5.  Package of Heatshrink Asst.

1.  Wire Cutters
2.  Wire Strippers
3.  Soldering Iron
4. Solder and  Flux
5.  Blow Dryer for Shrinking Heat Shrink
6.  (Optional) Test Meter for checking continuity and confirming which connectors are for the Tip, Ring , and Sleeve.
<p>Hello, I've made this, but all i get is a high beep and no audio. the audio from the speakers is fine though.</p>
<p>Never mind, I got it to wok but it almost doesn't pick up the sound of my mic (Razer Kraken Pro)</p>
[Wouldn't let me post a reply, so let's try this.] <br> <br>So... I made this last night... Kinda. I made the &quot;easier and less destructive&quot; first test version. I used a standard headphone splitter and then just built another widget to handle only the custom mic wiring. <br> <br>It works. However, I have a few questions about my next version... (I'm pure Newtonian. Awful at E-Mag.) <br> <br>From my research it seems that adding a 1k resistor on all wire runs except the grounds and mic tip to controller tip run would reduce the crosstalk I get from time to time with major changes in sound, ect. Is this correct? <br> <br>If so, then wouldn't it also follow that doing this with the &quot;pseudo&quot; stereo and removing the bridge wires while adding another connection from the controller ring (with its own resistor, for a total of 2 resistors coming from the controller to the connections [and one for each channel of the game audio...]) would result in dual mono game chat audio and stereo game audio? <br> <br>Getting into midterms, so the next version may be a while, but I'll try to post an update on this, when I try it (if no one can already answer if this will work) and maybe even my own instructable,
OKOK, post spam, but to confirm my prior post, this does work. Using a 1k resistor to output L/R from the chat in, and a 10k wheel on the game audio to output I get stereo game, and dual mono chat. The only interference is when there is a lot of biased sound. (AKA: Halo 4 intro, where it is right: dum, left: dum, ect. In game it sounds perfect. I was pulling 120 degree turns all evening. Never turned wrong.) <br> <br>If you do it use 2x 10k pots. This should allow you to crank up the resistance a little more to eliminate the cross talk. (I broke one being an idiot so had to drop in resistors.) <br>http://www.radioshack.com/product/index.jsp?productId=3064080&amp;znt_campaign=Category_CMS&amp;znt_source=CAT&amp;znt_medium=RSCOM&amp;znt_content=CT2032230 <br> <br>I may have to do an intructable, or at least an instructable mash-up. Here are my sources if you are interested in the meantime: <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/PC-Headset-to-XBOX-360-Adapter-with-Game-Audio/ <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Universal-EarbudHeadphone-Volume-Control/ <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Altoids-Tin-18-Stereo-Mixer/ <br>My final product will act like the first one (with resistance to eliminate static and allow volume adjustment, see the second instructable), and look like the last one. I will not mount the volume wheels, onto the Altoids case, as they won't need much adjustment once set.
Very nice... I have been looking at instructibles on audio mixers for this purpose and finally stumbled on this article! I will have to try this... Although... <br> <br>My current thought is that I would add this: <br>https://www.instructables.com/id/Universal-EarbudHeadphone-Volume-Control/ <br>for each of the audio inputs before going to the headphones. <br> <br>The thought process is that I have my game sound coming from VGA, vs the game chat that comes from the (somewhat) powered controller. The ability to tweak the inputs (before running them into my 3.5mm amp) is likely to be needed. Oh, and it gives me a resistor between the merging inputs... I'm not a safety freak, but it would make me feel a little better.) <br> <br>Thanks! I'll post if I can salvage all the parts I need for this.

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