Picture of PC Interfacing a GameBoy Camera
Here's another past project of mine from a couple of years ago. At that time I was looking for a low-res camera for simple robotics image processing, and all I had experience with was PIC (12, 16, and 18) microcontrollers. So I didn't really get to work on the images real time (not enough RAM or speed, and I could not find any suitable SRAM around at that time). I think I'll revisit this project later on using my new TI Stellaris Board.

The system consists of a GameBoy Camera (Mitsubishi M64282FP Image Sensor with hardware image processing), an ADC0820 high-speed ADC to convert analog pixel values to digital (the sensor outputs pixels as 2.0V p-p analog values), a LM385-2V5 2.5V micropower voltage reference IC, a PIC18F4620 for processing the digital values to send them later on to a PC via the serial port (or USB with a RS-232 - USB converter).

The PC part of the project is a program (uses OpenGL to display the received image, the height of the pixels change according to brightness to have a fake 3D effect = Depth Mapping) written on Borland C++  Builder. I also still have the simple test programs written in Processing (brightness tracking, etc.). All will be attached.
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chipper351 year ago
Man, I haven't seen a good old programming logic flowchart in a while!! Nice, old skool!
Technoshaman (author)  chipper351 year ago
Thanks a lot :)