Picture of PC Rapid Fire
Edit: fixed the final program so you won't have to rename its extension

Shoot Semi-Auto guns with automatic speed! This is a risk-free software mod, so there's no way you can permanently screw up your mouse/joystick.

The Xbox 360 can do it, and after following this tutorial, all you PC gamers can too! I'll show you how to do it with AutoIt, a free Windows automation language.

Note, if you don't want to write the script yourself, you can download the compiled version on step 5.

Step 1: Download and Install Autoit

Picture of Download and Install Autoit
Download the latest version here (If you use x64 windows, make sure to download that version). You'll also want to download the AutoIt Script Editor, especially if you'll be doing anything heavy duty in the future. It's really nice.
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JacobS31 year ago

Thanks for this post however: I've looked at yours and a few others I could find. The key thing me and seemingly a lot of others are trying to figure out is how exactly just to make left mouse the toggle key itself...so when its pressed down maybe with ispressed_ it spams and then when it is let go it stops. Some of us dont want some crazy long spam thing and just need burst fire.

cvernon3 years ago
Can you get banned from a game like bf3 for using this?
sgianan4 years ago
Does anyone have a finished file of this?
Junkyard John (author)  sgianan4 years ago
It's available for download in the next step
thank you!
aligater114 years ago
i tried it with zombie mode, it fired one shot and then i had to turn it of so i could fire normal again? is there anything i can do about it?
aligater114 years ago
will it work for cod black ops?
eagleon4 years ago
Your script does not work - I had to help a friend fix this today.

1 - EndFunc ;==>ToggleSpamFunc <--- Needs to be

EndFunc ;==>ToggleSpam

2 - EndSpam() <--- Needs to be

Func EndSpam()

3 - Global
$xMsgBox(0, "MouseSpaz", "Alt+X Starts the spaz (press both keys with your left thumb)" & @LF & @LF & "Pressing Alt+X again will stop the spaz" & @LF & @LF & "Shift+Esc will quite the program") <--- Needs to be

Global %x

MsgBox(0, "MouseSpaz", "Alt+X Starts the spaz (press both keys with your left thumb)" & @LF & @LF & "Pressing Alt+X again will stop the spaz" & @LF & @LF & "Shift+Esc will quite the program")

This is also all concatenated together in your pastebin version.

4 - Your while loops need to be inside the ToggleSpam function.

5 - Pretty sure the while loop checking '1' is like saying "if 1 == 1", though I don't know this language to be sure. It's harmless anyway, just a nitpick.

Test your code man! :P Peace.
Junkyard John (author)  eagleon4 years ago
Ah, thank you. Instructables messed with the code's formatting a yearish ago, and I scrambled to correct the formatting without re-checking the code. It is now corrected.

Now I know you don't know this language, so let me help you out: your first correction is correcting a comment, which really has no bearing on anything at all. The while loops cannot to be in the ToggleSpam func because what you call a harmless redundacy is actually the main loop of the program and is what causes the program to keep checking for hotkey commands during its life.

I thank you for bringing to my attention the errors, however found the tone of your message supremely annoying. :P Peace.
The issue is that I don't have AutoIt myself. The corrections I list made it work for the person I was helping (at least according to him), including the while loop inside togglespam. I'm actually genuinely curious now what 'while 1' is doing - thought it would be a boolean check, in which case, '1' would always return true.

http://pastebin.com/1W9Nms4w this is the modified version I sent my friend. I'm assuming AutoIt activates the togglespam function every time its associated key is pressed, even while another function is running. In this case, $x will successfully be toggled on/off each time the function is called, and indeed, the while loop will only be checked once after the call, which is the only time it needs to be checked. It will begin looping only after the function is called during a 'toggle on' phase, possibly saving a few CPU cycles.

Sorry if I offended, was being a little snarky I admit.
Junkyard John (author)  eagleon4 years ago
The Boolean check basically just keeps the program running. The code you posted (at least on my machine) will execute once and close. You see, AutoIt is a scripting language and is often used for things like macros, and by default it closes after it has followed all of its instructions. The While 1 loop puts it in a suspended state, so that the program will not terminate unless it receives the command to do so, kind of like the main loop in a java. However,I do see your point about the other loop. I agree; embedding it in the function is better practice in this scenario.

Don't worry about it! Thanks for not exploding like oh so many other people do online when confronted with conflicting viewpoints :D
comsa425 years ago
Junkyard John (author)  comsa425 years ago
im playing a game called parabellum the script turns off when i start the game.
i used the script - it works on the button game, but not on the fps game. idk why it only works there
Junkyard John (author)  desertstorm20005 years ago
Hmm...could you tell me what game you were playing? Some games have fire rate limiters that prevent you from making the most of this script
sjoobbani5 years ago
 Don't you just love [HATE] rapid-fire? [CHEATING]?
Owned_pk5 years ago
 When I was coding it myself I kept getting errors because when I copied and pasted it all went to one line.  I tried to fix it but your images are to blurry so I couldn't could you post the code with spaces or get a picture that shows all the code clearly?

Junkyard John (author)  Owned_pk5 years ago
Sorry about the inconvenience! When I wrote the thing it had the correct formatting...

d4rksaber5 years ago
works on any game? sweet!!!!, time to pawn in soldiers-front mehehehehe*zorbak face*
Soldier front has a fixed rate of fire, so you wont get too far doing this.
fireFEIND676 years ago
... okay 1 how can i use this on the 360 and 2 THIS IS HACKING U GET BANNED
Well, seeing as how you're asking how to get this for the 360 you're just as guilty.
Hacking is with a computer/software... so yeah this IS haxing. Wait till they put up a fixed fire rate for all the single shot guns...
Junkyard John (author)  fireFEIND676 years ago
This is purely a windows script, and cannot work on a 360, as far as I know. I have heard of 360 controller mods that work the same way though, so you could look into that.
it says you can use it on the 360... i'll just hack a controller that's cooler
It says "The Xbox 360 can do it". He doesn't mean the xbox 360 can use this script, he is referring to the Xbox 360 controller hack in which you have to actually take it apart and mod it. Which can be detected.
knexfan91826 years ago
dude dont be a noob go hardcore
rapid fire is for those that think it will help them get better but it just waste ammo
no way man its for l337 gamers who decided they wanted pwning n00bz to be an activity that lacks any attention what so ever. its like, hmm if I start out with a pistol with lots of ammo but I can shoot it like a machine gun, then why spend the extra effort in getting the machine gun?
EXACTLY. Or if your team is all N00l3s. Lol i modded my mouse for rapidfire button too. Used a 555 and a separate button. does like 6 clicks a second.
do u mod ur mouse or use ur fingers if you use ur finger ur a gamer if u mod ur mouse ur a huge |\|()()|3
lol |\|()()|3 = NOOP
sorry not as good with 1337 as i used to be
its n006,i think
nah i think mouse and controller modding is hella l337. i mod xbox 360 controllers for rapid fire and sell then back for $15 a pice. now i hope i can move on to mod computer mice for rapid fire. that method uses a 555 timer circut to shoot (click) rapid fire, so its alot differnt than this mod.
Dude, I have a good trigger finger, most games have firerate caps and I can accomplish the same thing with a scrollwheel bind or just some sheer speed. I don't do these things because I suck, I just like testing the limits of game engines without causing damage to my $60 mouse.
well im a bit of an anti cheater so i dont care much about this topic
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