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I'm going to show you how to use a desktop shortcut to prank your friends/family. It will simply just shutdown the computer when they click the shortcut and they think there going to open internet explorer. This will NOT hurt your PC in anyway or delete any files.
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Step 4: The disguise

Now you want to disguise it so it looks like internet explorer to do that simply:
Right click on the shortcut and click properties,
Now go on the shortcut tab and click change icon,
Just find the internet explorer icon and select it,
Now click apply and OK.

Note: Windows XP will have a older version icon but if you use vista then it has a new version of the icon.

Warning: Don't fall for your own prank!

Your Done and Have fun!

Feel free to ask questions, comment, and VOTE!
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noob_hacker4 years ago
can anyone tell me on how to send it over e-mail to other people.
that is illegal
~KnexBuild~3 years ago
what type of operating system do you have (example:linux, windows XP, macintosh)
Put this little .exe file in the startup folder. Enjoy their sorrow over how the computer is pretty much done for.
duck_tape_5 years ago
Does it warn you it is about to shut down?
amakerguy (author)  duck_tape_5 years ago
if you type shutdown -s -t 30 -c "whatever you want to appear"
it will type it!!!
lol nice instructable though...
lol cya
Kwitmeh35 years ago
I have xp butt with the newer internet icon in my progrm files
zascecs5 years ago
Soo Cool! Voted for ya!
amakerguy (author)  zascecs5 years ago
grevious5 years ago
hey look you have "windows vista"
amakerguy (author)  grevious5 years ago
Yeah vista has it's problems, I cannot believe Microsoft is not going to fix vista! I'm starting not to like windows and starting to fall into Steve Jobs hands, but I can't get a macbook because I'm only 13 and I don't have a job.
Macbooks are great and you could use your old vista cd to run vista and OS X at the same time through parallels or Bootcamp, I'm 13 too just more spoiled...sorry.
i am with u there windows sucks i prefer Linux and i might get a lenovo idea pad and look for a refurbished mac a u could probably get one for a bout 500 dollars i feel your pain i am only a couple of years older than u
amakerguy (author)  acidbass5 years ago
I have never seen or used Linux is it good? Do you need to get special Linux software? could you run Adobe CS3? Do you have to get a Linux compatible laptop or can you run it on a dell? Because I got a Dell inspiron 1525 for my birthday last year (the day I turned 13 and signed up for instructables) and I still love it.
yeah u should be able to wipe the memory of your vista (make sure that u back up everything) then order some ubuntu linux then you want install that but i will have an ible about that up on the site in a few weeks once i get a break off work CHEERIO;)
amakerguy (author)  acidbass5 years ago
OK I'll be watching!
yeah mate u really need to look into the whole Linux thing to see if u even like it (i think u will) and also once u wipe the memory and change programs try installing open office software u can get it for free at and install Google new chrome or Firefox and u can also get those for free mate G'day
like i said mate it should be up soon
Hey,Upgrade to Xp SP3
amakerguy (author)  ReCreate5 years ago
you mean downgrade. and I do not want to do that.
Ha man yeah
You only 'not like' Vista because nobody else does. Vista is fine.
Yeah vista is fine i just agreed with him how vista sucks in its ways,Really everything sucks in a way ,even Xp does
for instance,its not by default nice and shiny,like vista No built in speech recognition
E-R-IC Dascooby5 years ago
yea, most people don't like it just because it is unfamiliar. but i like it.
BIGJIMinCT5 years ago
I did this to our computer at work, with the manager's program which records our sales. Our clerk fell for it hook line and sinker, he tried and restarted 3 times before I let him know it was a prank. It was priceless, thanks.
force90005 years ago
If your in xp to change the IE icon to the modern one put this in to the icon location : "C:\Program Files\Internet Explorer\iexplore.exe"
Im doing it on xp but eeach time i click on it a command prompt pops up for 1 seccond but then nothing happens
amakerguy (author)  Craigers1025985 years ago
well did you type the code correctly: shutdown -s -t 30 remember to type the spaces
i think its got to be: -f -s -t XX, the f means force, s means shutdown, t means the time in seconds. i would say you replace the 30 with 00, orelse the person could undo it.
amakerguy (author)  LordBowser5 years ago
well I think the code I published works if you have no other windows open.
And if you happen to click it, try shutdown -a from the run box
Dascooby5 years ago
To get the icon for any program just choose the .exe file. Now you can get the new icon in XP or you could always disguise it as another program, such as Firefox or anything else the victim uses alot. Also, is there a way to get the actual program to start up as well as setting the shutdown timer? So then you could set the timer to, lets say, one minute. When the victim double clicks the icon, Internet Explorer opens up, then one minute later the computer shuts down.
you can redirect it to a *.bat file that says: @echo off start path Shutdown -s -t 30 exit Just replace "path" with the address that was in the target field.
amakerguy (author)  Dascooby5 years ago
but this shortcut does not open what it looks like.
ReCreate5 years ago
you should really either crop the windows or press CTRL-ALT-PRTSCRN (It will take a screenshot of the active window)
amakerguy (author)  ReCreate5 years ago
oh thanks I never knew that one. And try pressing ALT+TAB this will let you switch between windows.
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