PC Shutdown Prank!





Introduction: PC Shutdown Prank!

This instructable is entered in the April fools contest, if you like it Please VOTE!!
I'm going to show you how to use a desktop shortcut to prank your friends/family. It will simply just shutdown the computer when they click the shortcut and they think there going to open internet explorer. This will NOT hurt your PC in anyway or delete any files.

Step 1: New Shortcut

On your desktop right click, click new, then click shortcut
like this:
  • right click>new>shortcut

Step 2: Shutdown Code

A window should pop-up...
Now type this in the entry: Shutdown -s -t 30

  • The number are how many seconds it will take for the computer to shutdown, you can change the number if you want.

Click next.

Step 3: Name the Shortcut

It is best to name the shortcut Internet Explorer because people use that the most and they will fall for it. Now click Finish.

Step 4: The Disguise

Now you want to disguise it so it looks like internet explorer to do that simply:
Right click on the shortcut and click properties,
Now go on the shortcut tab and click change icon,
Just find the internet explorer icon and select it,
Now click apply and OK.

Note: Windows XP will have a older version icon but if you use vista then it has a new version of the icon.

Warning: Don't fall for your own prank!

Your Done and Have fun!

Feel free to ask questions, comment, and VOTE!



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    now when my grandpa logs on he will get shutdown

    can anyone tell me on how to send it over e-mail to other people.

    This program is awsome. I pranked every month

    when you send it through Email it doesnt work

    what type of operating system do you have (example:linux, windows XP, macintosh)

    Put this little .exe file in the startup folder. Enjoy their sorrow over how the computer is pretty much done for.

    Does it warn you it is about to shut down?