Introduction: PC Transformer Cooler

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Warning: Contents maybe hot but will make you cool.

I was bored looking on the internet for a good instructable problem.Then I touched the converter and felt unbearable heat.So I made a recycled cooler for the cost of 4 pieces of tape!

Materials:A box that will fit a ice pack

A ice pack

A large Granola bar wrapper


Step 1: Tin Foil Time

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Tape the tin foil on the outside of the box to get the most coverage.

Step 2: Ice Pack

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Put the Ice pack inside the box and your done!


MsSweetSatisfaction (author)2014-08-24

That's a really smart fix, especially since your design ensures that the condensation doesn't fall on the transformer. Good job, and thanks for sharing!

Thank you.Another sweet buff over just a ice pack is the half insulation and focusing ability of the cooling.

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