Picture of PC in a Macintosh Classic Case
This instructible is about building a working and usable PC in a 20y/o Mac Classic Case...

The original mac of 84 was such a joy, it was so nice, small, cute and easy to use. It was an instant hit for me that I fell in love in first sight.

Then later I continued growing up and went to a technical Lycee's computer department. The school was tough but working on computers, learning about them was worth it.

I was lucky enough to be among the few who unpacked the very first mac classic imported to my country during my student apprenticeship in high school around 90 - 92. The first difference from the original mac was the machine coming to life with the sound of a fan. I worked on the machine for some weeks during the apprenticeship. I liked it so much that it visited my youth dreams of all my teenage years several times.

Then years passed. Now I'm an assistant professor in a fine arts university in Istanbul / Turkey and my lectures are all around technical stuff, electromechanics etc. trying to give some engineering understanding to industrial design students. I have also got some free time to make stuff, so i visit instructables frequently.

In one of that visits, I've searched for mac projects and saw gmjhowe's project about upgrading a 84 macintosh to run OS X Snow Leopard and liked it a lot. The same thing was in my mind for maybe 10 years but I hadn't seen anyone doing a similar thing. The project inspired me enough to start my own Mac. Though I liked mac classic more than the 84 Mac, I've planned to use a classic case.

 After a search that lasted 3 months, I've found my classic in a local ebay :D for 30$ and converted it into Mawi, the MAcintosh that runs WIndows XP. If you want to build something similar, than this instructables might be helpful for you. And dont forget to visit gmjhowe's inspiring project. Type macintosh into the instructables search and you'll find everything related to mac, including gmjhowe's Snow Leopard.

Apart from this instructable, I've got a site full of free robotic projects, if you like robotics, I recommend you to take a look at them after reading this one. Its link is

So, Lets begin....and  Would you please RATE after reading? Thanks..
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WinXPGeek1 year ago
Even better, color it blue with paint
WinXPGeek1 year ago
Cool, makes sense: Take a useless mac(All macs are useless without windows) , Put PC guts in it, Put Windows on it. Awesome!
WHY WOULD YOU PUT A WINDOWS IN A MAC CASE!?!?!?!!?!??!?!? you break it no-one will care.

Sorry I just had to say that.
Just install OS X on the hardware.
CybahMA2 years ago
I know this is an old thread but I wanted to make two points here..

Please be aware that the old Mac CRTs are INCREDIBLY dangerous, as they can hold a charge for many years after its been disconnected from a power source. You can get a lethal zap if you aren't careful.

Also, I wonder if a generic LCD and a motherboard from a Thin Client would work in this case too. I know the HP Thin Client's motherboard is about the same size as a Classic Mac's MB.. (and yes you can install regular windows on a Thin Client, it just takes some finangling..)
techboy4112 years ago
I LOVE IT!!! Will u make 1 for me?
Asmodeous4 years ago
I have an Mac classic for sale if anyone wants it. Hit me up.
i am intrigued about a mac classic does it work
app04 years ago
Now install Hackintosh on it :)
Smanetta4 years ago
how many time take this "instructable"?
chilll20094 years ago
Why not use the mac insted? (i'm just joking! great instructable!)
osmanselvi4 years ago
veri interesting
MagicTom4 years ago
even better, you should install hackintosh and use it as a mac. :)
Treknology4 years ago
Excellent job! I just want to know where you were able to source the really long Torx drivers (aka Mac-Crackers) needed to open the case? I had two sets when they were readily available, but both have been stolen.
hobbyman (author)  Treknology4 years ago
I've used a normal length screw driver (which matches the mac-screws) and extended it below into the handle well of the mac case holding it with my fingertips. Wasn't so easy I must confess. It took me some time to crack the mac actually :-)
Reffner4 years ago
Finally, a good use for a mac.
pnky_14 Reffner4 years ago
Criket4 years ago
(removed by author or community request)
gmjhowe Criket4 years ago
hobbyman is correct, as you can see, there is actually a lot of glue used. I would almost say he used a little too much glue!
gasw4 years ago
Very nice ,how much paid for mac ?
hobbyman (author)  gasw4 years ago
something like 30$
xillwillx4 years ago
I did this a few years ago with mine, I made MacTrack. Backtrack linux inside an old mac case, I ended up installing Debian , but gonna go back to Backtrack again soon for a pentesting box.
hobbyman (author)  xillwillx4 years ago
Mac Daddy seams neat
thanks for sharing.
gabry2074 years ago
Why did you use a pc and not a mac?
hobbyman (author)  gabry2074 years ago
Because I preferred to use windows XP.
however, it's beautiful! we also can do it with a mac. another question: do you use it?
hobbyman (author)  gabry2074 years ago
Sure, I think it will be easier to build one by using a mac mini.
Yes its on my desktop all the time, installed a usb IR remote control to it to change internet radio channels, listen to mp3s, watch movies on the giant (!) screen etc.
I'm planning to buy a usb TV tuner so I would be able to watch TV too. Well the screen is a bit small and so the mawi is. who cares, I love it.

I'm planning to build a reprap mendel 3d prototyping machine at school, after I finish that, Mawi can be the control computer of it.
The problem is that square LCD screens are so scarce anymore. Which is why I will never get rid of my Toshiba or my newly found, working, old Dell Laptop. But I still use my Lenovo S10 the most.
Thats really neat! I have a Macintosh Plus i got for free and it runs. Maybe I'll try this.....
hobbyman (author)  joespicnictables4 years ago
Thanks Joe :D
gmjhowe4 years ago
This is an excellent build, thank you for sharing, and thank you for keeping me upto date throughout the process. It was great to see you work your way through this differently to how I did.

It turned out excellent in the end.

One suggestion, Swap your first picture for one of those first 3 in step 14. They are much better pictures of the final thing.
hobbyman (author)  gmjhowe4 years ago
Thanks gmjhowe, the inspiration I got from your article made me start and complete this project. Thanks for your spark ;)

The pictures are ok. Exchaged them right away.
karossii4 years ago
I've seen dozens of similar projects over the years, though many more back in the late 90's than now... It is such a nostalgic computer to so many people for so many reasons!

My idea of late is to use a piezo projector internally to illuminate a sheet of acrylic as a frosted screen, so that it fully fits the screen dimensions of the case (bigger is better!!!) - but if the acrylic could be removed, the image could then be actually projected out onto a wall or projector screen, etc. It would be a great portable entertainment center, on top of a nostalgic PC!

Sadly, due to schedule constraints (as well as budjet constraints) I won't be able to work on this idea any time in the near future...
hobbyman (author)  karossii4 years ago
The projector idea is a good one really. Didnt come to my mind at all. First I've considered 9 inch CRTs of cash machines. But after completing the project, i can see that it would be really tough to fit everything necessary inside the mac case along with the CRT and its circuitry.