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Introduction: PC Remote Control

NOTE: This project was posted in 2006. Please view it as LEGACY project only. Because the software available changed dramatically also most of the new computers don't have COM ports anymore.

This project contains all about how to make a chip to control your computer remotely with almost any remote controller you can find in your house. Including, not only winamp control, but full computer control. You can control all your computer programs, procceses, sub-procceses etc.
All parts can by found at local radioshack shop. Everything cost abuot 20$ ,but whole project worth much more.
I'am using Girder software, newest version is 4.0. You can buy it at www.promixis.com/.
You can also find this project in my Language (Lithuanian) at there.
Schematics are made by some guy name Igor. He also made plugin to program girder. OK thanks for Igor and let start making real good gifts!

Step 1: Part's List

IC - TSOP1738
Resistor - 3k3 or 3k3 (SMD 1206)
Condensator - Ceramic 100nF or 2u2 (SMD 1206) (100nF - 10uF)
Zener diode - 5V1 or 5V1 (SOT23)
RS232 conection - 9pin Female

Step 2: Making

Solder all parts on RS232 conection. There is 12 steps with explanation how to do that correctly.

Step 3: Software

You can find full instructions in pdf file which is in help folder of girder. If you read the instructions you will see that is really easy to use girder and it's very functionaly. In there i just show how to turn on Igor plug in. We will need it for our chips. There is images with instructions above.

Step 4: Testing

To test your chip you just need to put it in you pc com port. Turn on Igor plugin settings and press ok. If no errors will be displayed you meet with success! If Hardware problem will be displayed check your soldering. Then if everything works fine try your chip with remote control. Press any button of remote controller and if green indicator will become yellow for a second that means it recived a signal.

Step 5: Shaping

You can use hot glue for making a shape.

Step 6: Other Modifications

Making the chip with smd parts is good idea. Becouse it become much smaler. You can solder cable to IC and prolong distance of reacting. If you maked that is better to place some magnets under IC it's more easyer to put it on pc box. There is some images with smd design and cable design.

Step 7: Overview

In this design hardware is very simple and cheap. I choose Girder becouse it is multilanguage program and it has free versions. It has a lot of hardware plugins too.
For better explanation how to use it read user manual. All remotes controllers works fine with this chip and program.
Just spend 20 minutes and you will have ultimate pc control.
It will cos 10$ - 20$ to you when analogs in stores cost 10 times more.
Have a good and happy New Year!
p.s. My kitty rocks!



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    can u tell where i will get thise remote what is its serial no.

    I need help!!!!
    I am student of EEE.My fifth semester is running and I have to make a project.I think I will make a pc remote.This project attracts me very much.can you please give answers of my following questions?-
    1. Will I have to code any program for this remote?
    2. From where can I download the Igor plug in?
    3. Is the software girder and the plug in Igor is suitable for windows seven?
    4. Can I control my whole pc with this remote control system or only any specific function such as a specific media player like winamp can be controlled by this control system?
    please help me I need to discuss more and more about this project.I hope all of you give me more and more support.
    Thank you all friends.

    i did this project nd connected to my pc.i installed girder 5.but the problem is i m unable to add remote.help me out plsss...

    please help me out....i didnt find girder
    please provide me some link of the software.....

    cant find girder 4 anywhere can anyone help?


    how do i connect the remote to the sensor device ? do i have to go through the process of "adding device to universal remote" ?? or does it just connect ?? wanted to do the device within tomorrow ! please help. i have a sony remote that works with my tv, dont know, will that work or not, but one more thing, i dont have any a,b,c,d in the remote ! !

    Ok that is it. I almost sure your sony remote works. THIS IS JUST EXAMPLE PICTURE FROM GOOGLE. I am using my tv remote now. :) If you have any software problems i can fix it. Just pm me or write comment here. ;)

    hi, awesome ible... tried this and Girder ( works fine with the Igor pluggin, but when i use my remote and try to map the keys to the event..it just cannot diffrentiate between the keys...since the remote is detected i dont think that the hardware is wrong, i guess its something to do with setting in the software..please help !!!!. ... i tried it with diffrerent remotes and i face the same problem...

    FYI....whenever i press any button on the remote it detects it as FFFF event...and hence it recognizes all the keys as same...please help....thanks

    sounds like one of your components is wrong or connected wrong and is providing too high a voltage t the serial port (It could also be serial port config problems)