This is a simple but effective design that is a real help in assembling and soldering PCBs.

Step 1: What You Will Need

The idea of this Instructable is to demonstrate what you can put together quickly from easily available parts.
I used a piece of scrap wood as the base.
Two of the rear covers from a PC ( I have dozens of these and always thought they might be useful one day)
A few parts from a cheap constructor set or Meccano ( mine came from two kids sets that I bought in a pound shop)
Some clips ( mine are again from the Dollar store or Pound shop and came in a set of 10)

A few wood screws and a screwdriver should be enough to do the whole project.
Start by screwing down the PC covers spaced the width of your PCB apart.

Step 2: Clip Assembly

I simply bolted the clips onto the arms using the right angle pieces.
You could just as easily use Bulldog clips.

Step 3: Mount the Arms

Using the photo as a guide bolt together the arms, the cross pieces into the supports.

Step 4: Check Spacing

I used a plastic spacer that was in the toy pack as a friction mount.

Step 5: Ready to Use

Just clip your PCB in place.

Step 6: Ready to Roll

Your PCB can now be easily flipped so that you can mount components then turn it to solder.

Step 7: Soldering On

This really is a huge help when soldering.
I hope you can adapt this simple design to your own available parts.
Soldering becomes much easier when everything is securely held in place.


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