its my first instructable in here so please be kind to me.

is saw this DIY video on YouTube from a Chanel called MDF RESCUER

so i liked the PCB Box and start my DIY.

Step 1: The PCB

i have a PCB from an old UPS so i decide to desolder all of its component.

Step 2: Desolder All the Component

i start to take off all the component one by one its so annoying to desolder but i learned a lot.

Step 3: Final Step

finally i finished the desolder process and the PCB now is ready for the cut and solder again.
i end up with 26 X 8 Cm PCB so the measurements are:
8 x 7 cm (bottom) the base

8 x 4 cm (Right side)

8 x 4 cm (Left side)

7 x 4 cm (top)

7 x 4 cm (bottom)

feel free yo use your own size of PCB.
you can cut it with the help of a saw or a cutter.
and i start to solder it as i can with holes in the PCB as you can see in the pictures.

thanks for your time and happy DIY :)

<p>... you can go for more! :D<br><br>clean all soldering, rub traces with some sand paper to remove soldering mask, use a bottle of older but usable chloric ferride to dissolve all copper traces, and use some adhesive to close the box...<br>next, you can use some selfadhesive vinyl, wallpare, etc, and you'll get a little box to encase a small project...</p>
<p>Very cool! This looks like a great way to use old boards. Thanks for sharing this idea! :)</p>
<p>you are welcome :)</p>
<p>Weather made from phenolic or epoxy glass, this will be a sturdy box, nice work. ☺</p>
<p>yah sure it will be a strong box</p>

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