Introduction: PCB Box


its my first instructable in here so please be kind to me.

is saw this DIY video on YouTube from a Chanel called MDF RESCUER

so i liked the PCB Box and start my DIY.

Step 1: The PCB

i have a PCB from an old UPS so i decide to desolder all of its component.

Step 2: Desolder All the Component

i start to take off all the component one by one its so annoying to desolder but i learned a lot.

Step 3: Final Step

finally i finished the desolder process and the PCB now is ready for the cut and solder again.
i end up with 26 X 8 Cm PCB so the measurements are:
8 x 7 cm (bottom) the base

8 x 4 cm (Right side)

8 x 4 cm (Left side)

7 x 4 cm (top)

7 x 4 cm (bottom)

feel free yo use your own size of PCB.
you can cut it with the help of a saw or a cutter.
and i start to solder it as i can with holes in the PCB as you can see in the pictures.

thanks for your time and happy DIY :)



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    ... you can go for more! :D

    clean all soldering, rub traces with some sand paper to remove soldering mask, use a bottle of older but usable chloric ferride to dissolve all copper traces, and use some adhesive to close the box...
    next, you can use some selfadhesive vinyl, wallpare, etc, and you'll get a little box to encase a small project...

    Very cool! This looks like a great way to use old boards. Thanks for sharing this idea! :)

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    Weather made from phenolic or epoxy glass, this will be a sturdy box, nice work. ☺

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    yah sure it will be a strong box