Picture of CNC - PCB Creation
The PCB prototypes can be easily made on CNC machine.
For this task I created a schematics in the OrCAD
(Cadence product for  PCB design),
and then transferred the layout to the DXF file.
For engraving process I used ROLAND EGX-350 CNC machine.
Due to I used a few ​through hole components, the PCB size was not limited,
so I choose it according the enclosures that I have in my stock.

what should be the torque rating and minimum step angle of stepper motor used??

hubbe10 months ago
how 'bout some text?
FS2010 (author)  hubbe10 months ago

which text ?

AlistairM FS201010 months ago
I don't think you know how this site works, look around and see how Instructables are set out.
FS2010 (author)  AlistairM10 months ago

maybe you right... I'll check it out...

AlistairM FS201010 months ago
We were all new at some point. Add some steps detailing the machine, the software, your purpose,your bill of materials. That sort of thing, it means others can then replicate what you have done.
FS2010 (author)  AlistairM10 months ago

Ok, thanks for the tip !