I made this to replace my old exposure unit. This one got internal timer and real UV leds. Main material is 20mm MDF. Electronics are controlled with arduino nano. Even if you are not interested making own PCB's or stuff like that, you may find usefulI tips when working with MDF. Entire making of process is documented in video below.

Step 1: Making of Exposure Unit

Any comments and questions are welcome :)

Step 2: Technical Info

Schematic is a mess but basically I made simply expansion shield for arduino nano where you plug all the wires, pullup/down resistors, buzzer, terminals, FET etc... That external 5v regulator is not needed if you use arduino's build in regulator.

Glass panel inside unit is from old scanner. That determines my box size.

R1 and R7 are 10k pulldown resistors.
R4 and R6 are ~ 200ohm current limiting resistors for led and lcd backlight.

Both trimmers are ~5k. I think you can use any other values too. LCD brightness and voltage to FET gate are controlled with them.

Caps are for smoothing purpose for regulator LM7805.

C2 1uf-10uf
C1 0.1uf

FET IRLZ44N or similar logic level fet. This one is bit over kill but i had it laying a round.

To potpin I attached multiturn 5k pot. If you are using my code I recommend using multiturn pot because accuracy is much better compared to normal pot.

PAD1 and PAD4 are meant to be connected via jumper wire.

PAD2 and PAD3 are meant to be connected via jumper wire.

Piezo is 5V Continuous Sound Piezo Buzzer. I Dont know exact part number. Bought from ebay.

<p>That flush panel mount status LED is way cool. Is that something custom you did? Any details?</p>
<p>It's a reflecting cover for 5mm leds.</p><p>http://www.partco.fi/fi/ledit/ledikehykset/2738-led-5-heijas-k.html?search_query=led&amp;results=365</p>
<p>How to weld that 5mm leds? Do you know any shop store that ship it to Brazil?</p>
<p>Hello, nice project. Do you create the schematic circuit? If no, can you send me the original schematic circuit from where do you based on to create its layout using EAGLE CAD, please? I want more information about that circuit. Thanks</p>
<p>Is the PCB a single or double sided?</p>
<p>single sided</p>
<p>yay! made the breadboard, time to print the PCB. nice work, Thnx for information</p>
<p>I can&acute;t download it!</p>
<p>Hey there, looking to build something similar to this for screen printing 20x24 screens. I've got my head around mostly everything except the arduino. How do I got one with a screen that I can set up time wise like yours. Can you email me at jabeberkey@gmail.com</p>
<p>Hi, please what buttons do you use? Amazing project! Thank you</p>
<p><a href="http://tinyurl.com/jtgcobe" rel="nofollow">http://tinyurl.com/jtgcobe</a></p><p>Link to ebay.</p>
<p>Amazing job!!!! is there any chance that you share your schematics and sizes?</p>
<p>Added some technical info and files. Thanks for comments!</p>
Can you give links here or on YT for the LED strips?
<p><a href="http://tinyurl.com/j8mryt3" rel="nofollow">http://tinyurl.com/j8mryt3</a></p><p>Led type is 3528 non-waterproof. 600 leds / 5m strip.<br>Bought from ebay.<br></p>
cool. thanks!
Please embed a link to the video because, when looking at an Instructable on a mobile device, the video is not linked.
<p>Added link. I Hope it works.</p>

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